Earn more money as an owner on BednBlue.

Why work with us?

  1. It will take you minimal time to list your yacht.
  2. We offer free global advertisement for your yacht.
  3. For every charter booked, we retain a commission of only 4%.

We are here to help you.

BednBlue is here to help you at all times with any questions or problems that may arise. From yacht preparation and setting your price, to confirming your bookings and payouts, we offer you the tools and resources that you need.

Listing in 3 Steps

Step 1

Click here to List your yacht.

Step 2

You will then fill in your yacht details.

Step 3

Start booking and earn money!

About BednBlue

What is BednBlue?

BednBlue consists of people with extensive experience in the yacht chartering industry and provides an increasingly modern yacht charter platfrom. Our goal is to bring travelers and yacht owners in direct contact while minimizing costs and eliminating the risk to all parties involved.

Over 11500 Satisfied Owners!

  1. Earn more. Owners using the BednBlue Platform have an average increase of 32% in their charter value.
  2. Save valuable time. Our cutting edge platform provides you with the appropriate tools to easily manage your yachts and to communicate directly with your guests.
  3. 24/7 Support is available. We are there for you whenever you need us.

Payments Made Simple

How guests pay?

BednBlue handles all payments and you will never have to deal directly with money. The guests will be charged as soon as they make their reservation.

How you get paid?

It’s very simple. Your payment is scheduled to start automatically 24 hours after the guest’s check in. Some of the methods you can set for your payouts are the direct deposit, international bank transfer or PayPal.

Income and fees.

Listing your yacht on BednBlue is free. BednBlue only charges an owners service fee of 4% for each reservation, which covers the transaction costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don`t have time to list my yacht. Can you do it for me?

To list your yacht, you will need to create a user account. For security purposes, only you will have access to your account, and therefore we can`t list your yacht for you. It will take you minimal time to list your yacht since the process is simple and the average time to list is 15 minutes per yacht.

Is listing my yacht on BednBlue a binding agreement?

It is not a binding agreement. You will be able to charter your yachts outside the BednBlue platform at any time. However, it is important to keep your yacht`s calendar up to date on BednBlue for unavailable dates, so that you do not receive booking requests for dates that are already booked.

Do I need to do anything after listing my yacht?

We will notify you if any action is required. Every time you have a reservation request, and after the amount of the charter has been bound, you will receive an email and SMS to confirm the booking.

I only offer one-day cruises, can I list my yacht?

You can easily specify in your listing that you only offer one-day cruises.

Ready to Earn?
Ready to Earn?