Naxos, Greece

Rent a boat in Naxos, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a boat in Naxos, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a boat is the ideal way to discover the hidden beauty of Naxos. With endless sandy beaches and lively traditional villages, your private yacht charter awaits you to pamper your loved ones for a one-of-a-kind vacation. You can easily find the ideal catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht or speedboat for your trip and communicate directly with the owners of the vessels. You can also allow a BednBlue travel expert to find and suggest the ideal boats for your trip.

You have plenty of options available:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without if you own a license and enjoy a one-day cruise to Koufonisia or Schinoussa. You also have the option to hire a motorboat and tour the various beaches in a short amount of time, their fast cruising speed will allow you to visit Iraklia and Paros as well. With the option to book a catamaran, you will have plenty of space for fun, comfort and luxury with your family and friends. Finally, you can hire a luxury sailboat or traditional yacht and reach further destinations such as Amorgos, Santorini and Mykonos for multi-day trips.

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Boats in Naxos

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Naxos is a central, yet the biggest and most fertile island in the Cyclades. The wild landscapes are blessed with cedar forests, waterfalls, wonderful wetlands and of course endless sandy beaches. Naxos has the ideal setting and conditions for trekking enthusiasts, nature lovers and windsurfing fans. For beginners, Agios Georgios, Agiassos and Mikri Vigla have water suitable for all kinds of water sports. Some great villages worth visiting include Halki, Tripodes, Sangri, Apiranthos and Atsipati which also offer hiking opportunities. If you want to educate yourself with the history of the island, the Castle of Naxos, the monastery of Panagia Ypsilotera and the Temple of Apollo are must-see sites. The castle is one of the most preserved settlements from medieval times, the monastery remains to be the strongest fortress of Naxos and was used to defend the locals, and the temple is a landmark where the festivities of the God of wine, Dionysus were first held. Moreover, the town of Hora which is the capital of Naxos, has the perfect traditional atmosphere and you can enjoy long promenades by the harbor. Once you have had your fair share of fun in the attractions, restaurants and villages, you are read to head back to your yacht. Naxos is an island that is easily accessible to the small Cyclades islands that include koufonisia, Shinousa, Despotiko and Iraklia and are all known for their exotic waters. Once you have selected your favorite yacht that matches your style, taste and budget, you have an exciting trip ahead of you.

If you begin a boat trip at Naxos, you will come across some wonderful beaches and caves. What used to be a place to watch out for pirate invasion is now the beautiful island destination of Mikri Vigla. The glamorous island has a lot of sandy beaches, clear waters, and rocks. You can have a nice time snorkeling around the rocks which are filled with tiny fish. Mikri Vigla is a perfect destination for family vacations. It has protections against the northern wind and shallow water areas for children to play.

On the West Coast of Naxos, Alyko is a virgin island with a beach bare of umbrellas or sunbeds. The beach leads to a cedar forest where you can enjoy natural shade, and its shadow extends all the way to the beach. Walk the warm sands of the beach and admire the turquoise blue water when you visit Alyko. Visit Rina cave on a pure and perfect beach of Naxos that has Kalado on its southern end. You can admire its clear green waters, observe the birds that nest in the cave rightwards of the beach, and the source of fresh water on the left. The famous cave is protected from waves and winds and has a mountain as its backdrop. You can only access this cave via air or waterways. Alimia is a beautiful beach in Naxos that houses the wrecked airplane from the Second World War and a beautiful bay. With no land access, Alimia is away from modern civilization and serves as a pirate destination that you should explore. The German airplane rests under the clear water, where you can observe the historic object. With shallow blue water and a sandy beach to explore, you have a lot to enjoy even if you don't go under to feel the airplane. If you want to enjoy such a trip, our team of travel experts can better assist you and offer the perfect vessel and opportunity for your trip.

Naxos sailing tours will allow you to visit multiple destinations in the Cyclades complex. As you progress on your trip, some nearer destinations you can explore include the South of Paros, Tigani Island, and the Sea Caves. The Sea caves will take your breath away. With their beautiful waters that are more turquoise than you've ever seen, amid the white rocks, the caves are beyond doubt a sight to behold. Tigani is a small island that lies between Antiparos and the South of Paros. The crystal clear waters on this small island and the beautiful reflection of colors earned it the name 'Blue Lagoon.' As you sail, you can make a stop at Agios Nikolaos, which is the sole building on a small beautiful island. The picture-perfect St Nicolaos church sits on this land, giving it its name and reputation. The island is calm and surrounded by water and little else, perfect for anchoring your catamaran to stop for a swim. Despotiko is an island that lies in the south of Antiparos and showcases beautiful beaches and an archaeological destination. Excavations in recent times discovered Apollo's sanctuary we never knew existed.

If you are fond of island hopping, Iraklia is a destination that you shouldn't miss during your sail trip. It is only 18 nautical miles away and is the largest island of the small Cyclades but has only 115 residents. You can explore fascinating sites, walk along the shorelines, or swim in clear beach waters. If you want to dive, you can explore the bottom of the sea, corals, and underwater environments. Iraklia is the perfect island to spend a quiet day away from the noise of the outside world. If you love a destination for romantic vacations and calm visits, the peaceful Aegean shelter of Schinoussa offers you such a place. It has laced coasts that help visitors to relax amid beautiful blue lights. The major port in Schinoussa is Mersini, where taverns belonging to locals sit. You can purchase fresh fish from the locals in Mersini. Take your sailboat and visit Kato Koufonisi on a one-day cruise and be wowed by the natural swimming pools, bluish-green waters, and sun golden beach sand. The island has tiny sea caves waiting to be explored, lots of fish and seafood, and classy island parties. The small paradise island of Pano Koufonisi also awaits you for moments of relaxation. The island is a recent discovery and a tourism destination with its natural beauty and positive, quiet aura that hasn't been tampered with. Agios Georgios is a village in the northern part of Corfu Island which is also a great stop to add to your island-hopping program. It has aquamarine waters that offer a great place for a swim, although the water has scarce sea life and activity. Finally, if you want to enjoy a week-charter experience in Greece, Amorgos is a beautiful island close to Naxos that houses beautiful beaches and rich Cycladic architecture. The private island is perfect for a family or group who like to be discrete when relaxing away from the world. You can also walk through Chora village and see beautiful sights. Whether you prefer a weekend excursion or a longer boating holiday, the choice is yours to fill a lifetime of experiences with your group in the Cyclades islands. You can even set sail to Santorini and Mykonos which are popular tourist destinations, and disembark at their ports for as many days as you wish.

Below we have some useful information for your yacht charter in Naxos. How to access or begin your trip from the marinas, ports and airports of the island:

Marina Naxos: Offers a berthing capacity for 70 vessels with a depth of 5m and a length of 20m. Ideal for catamarans and sailboats but you have to contact the marina to reserve a yacht or directly contact the owners of the vessels from our platform.

The Airport is 10 min away with a car from Marina Naxos.

Port Naxos: Ideal for ferries but also private yachts and sailboats. Well-organized, offers WI-FI, plenty of shops , bars and clubs.

The Airport is roughly 12 min away (4km) from the port of Naxos.

Moutsouna Marina, Naxos: boat rentals depart to the nearby beaches and the small Cyclades islands. Beach Ramnos and Scala are nearby, they are crystal-clear and have a couple of local fish taverns.

The Airport is roughly 1 hour away from Moutsonas Marina which is on the eastern coast of the island.

Marina Kalantos, Naxos: boat rentals depart to the nearby beaches of the marina and to the small Cyclades islands. Great access to Shinousa and Iraklia. Far from the tourist crowds and well-protected from the winds.

Marina Panormos, Naxos: boat rentals depart to the nearby beaches and to the small Cyclades islands including koufonisia. The water is very calm here and you can enjoy half-day boat trips too.

Agios Georgios Harbor, Iraklia: A small port but with unparalleled paradise. Great for catamarans to anchor where large groups can enjoy the scenic bays and caves.

The Airport of Naxos is approximately 4km from the capital settlement of Hora.

Naxos is also connected by ferry with Donousa , Iraklia, Mykonos, Koufonisia, Shinoussa and Paros. You can also start from Athens with a ferry- the distance is roughly 100 nautical miles from the harbor of Piraeus. If you fly directly from Athens to Naxos the trip should take 30-45 minutes at most.