Tenerife, Spain

Rent a Yacht in Tenerife, Spain in a few minutes!

Rent a Yacht in Tenerife, Spain in a few minutes!


Hiring a yacht is the ideal way to explore the 400km coastline of Tenerife, in Spain. Tenerife is strategically located in the Canary Islands. Because it boasts of favorable trade winds, it is a port that is renowned in the areas of transatlantic travel. Tenerife has many secluded beaches, followed by multiple picturesque marinas, where you can find the ideal yacht of your choice. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a yacht with a skipper--or without one, if you own a license--and enjoy a one-day cruise along the unique coastline of Tenerife. By renting a motor yacht you can also enjoy a two-day or three-day cruise to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Finally, you can go island-hopping in the Canary Islands with a luxury motor yacht and create the most memorable of experiences.

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Yacht in Tenerife

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Tenerife is the largest among the seven Canary Islands, located in the Southwest of Spain. Christopher Columbus came across Tenerife when he was on his expedition to discover the New World. Several competitions, as well as sailing regattas, choose the Canary Islands as one of their stops, as it is a place that is perfect for accessing supplies and seeking assistance with repairs and maintenance. Once you are ready for your yacht charter in Tenerife and have selected your favorite vessel, you have an exciting trip ahead of you.

By renting a yacht, you would ideally start your journey at Santa Cruz, which is the capital of Tenerife and is located 30 minutes away from the airport. Move to San Sebastian early the next morning. It is situated on La Gomera, and it was where Columbus began his first voyage. At Puerto de Playa Santiago, get acquainted with the local Gomera cuisine. This island is mostly unexplored when it comes to its wild beauty. On the shore, you can view the gorgeous scenery of steep cliffs, beaches, and palm groves. The Garajonay National Park is another must-visit place here, as it houses clear waters and lush green forests. Puerta De Tazacorte, situated in La Palma, is another unmissable location. It is an island that was created because of a volcanic crater, and its coastline boasts of gloriously steep cliffs as well as black volcanic sands. La Palma is known as the 'Pretty Isle' by Canary Islanders as it is home to lush vegetation, clear waters, as well as amazing flora, despite its origin being traced back to volcanic landforms. In La Restinga, situated in El Hierro, the scenery is spectacular above and below the water and hence, is ideal for snorkelers. Additionally, this is the smallest among the Canary Islands, and the residents are warm and cordial. When here, it would be a mistake not to visit Puerto de Valle Gran Reyiseros, in La Gomera, which is a gorgeous harbor. Next, Los Gigantes, on Tenerife, is popular for its lively marina and beautiful beach. When visiting Tenerife island, make sure Las Galletas is your charter location, since it will allow you to spend your day on the nearby beach. Here, there are several sites that would be perfect for snorkeling and diving, including Palm Mar and Yellow Mountain.

The southern part of the island must definitely be the next part of the journey. It allows you to go island-hopping in the Canary Islands for a week! At Parque Nacional del Teide, you can either hike amidst nature before sailing north to find Santa Cruz de Tenerife--your home for the night. Explore Santa Cruz de Tenerife the next morning, as it has a lot to offer, including beautiful architecture, interesting museums, and overwhelming nature. Other ideas for your charter experience include finding your way to the island of Fuerteventura, where you can anchor in Morro Jable, situated in the south. There are several white-sand beaches in Fuerteventura, which are calm and isolated. As the sand around Fuerteventura stretches for several miles, you are bound to find a calm spot. Upon cruising farther north, you can anchor at the port of Corralejo, which is a good spot for lunch. The fishing village of Corralejo boasts of a scenic seashore promenade, many beautiful beaches, and scrumptious food. The island of Lanzarote, situated nearby, has several natural landscapes that are protected under UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You can anchor at Puerto del Carmen, where you must check out its white-sand beach before eating at a seafront restaurant. You can continue sailing in the southern direction, along the eastern coast of Fuerteventura, and anchor close to Betancuria, popular for its historical value along with its beautiful architecture. Las Palmas and Las Galletas are other options where you can enjoy nature, at the most beautiful seas in the world. The ecosystem at Tenerife is known to be one of the richest in the world. In fact, you can watch whales and dolphins there too. There are several unspoiled bays along the way, where you can swim or watch whales and dolphins. In fact, there are more than 29 species in the Canary Islands.

A private yacht rental in Costa Adeje is also a great option for sailing enthusiasts. Regardless of your destination, you will be greeted by amazing scenic views, volcanic cliffs, and spectacular beaches. If you want to watch pilot whales and bottle-nose dolphins, we recommend you hire a professional skipper, since they know the area very well. Overall, there are plenty of things to do in Tenerife, and a private yacht cruise is the ideal way for you to access many hidden gems in the Atlantic Sea. Your itinerary can be crafted to your liking. Take the chance to go for an experience of a lifetime with the many vessels the BednBlue platform offers.

Below you will find some useful information regarding your yacht charter in Tenerife: 

Marina Del Sur, Las Galletas: A charming port, with multiple leisure services, events as well as restaurants. The supermarket is only 1km away and the Airport of South Tenerife is 18km away.

Marina San Miguel: The marina can accommodate up to 344 vessels and has a fuel dock, water, and electricity supplies. There are multipurpose recreational facilities including sports activities, golf, and a local spa.

Marina San Miguel is roughly 8km away from Tenerife Airport.

Puerto Los Cristianos: Only 2km away from Costa Adeje. It’s a great marina for your boat trips to La Gomera, Hierro, and Santa Cruz in La Palma.

The Tenerife Airport is roughly 18km away from Puerto Los Cristianos.

Puerto Deportivo Radazul: Has a berthing capacity of 200 vessels with a max length of 20m. It is located in the county of el Rosario and has multiple child-friendly beaches.

Radazul Port is roughly 30 min away from Tenerife Airport.

Marina Santa Cruz: Located in the center of the capital, with a capacity of 400 vessels. This port attracts hundreds of boats that cross the Atlantic. It is known to have hosted many races and rallies. There are electricity and water supplies as well as shops, restaurants, and bars nearby.

Marina Santa Cruz is roughly 62km away from Tenerife South Airport (40 min drive).

Marina Puerto De Los Gigantes: Located on the southwest coast of Tenerife. It is a small port in a pretty resort. Nearby, you will find black-sand beaches, which are suitable for children and rarely crowded. You can dock your boat and observe the cliffs and a spectacular view from above. Roughly 42km away from Tenerife’s Airport.