Saranda, Albania

Rent a catamaran in Saranda, Albania in a few minutes!

Rent a catamaran in Saranda, Albania in a few minutes!


Hiring a catamaran is a fantastic way to explore the beautiful district of Saranda, just opposite the Green Island of Corfu. Saranda is the largest city in Southern Albania, with a population of about 30,000 people. To make your Saranda a trip to remember, you can enjoy a private catamaran cruise away from the crowds. You can easily find the ideal sailboat of your choice from Saranda’s marina or main port. You can directly contact the owners for the ideal vessel, or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a catamaran with a skipper, or without one if you own a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise along the Albanian Riviera. You also have the option to rent a catamaran and arrange a special event on board with your family or friends. Finally, you can hire a luxury catamaran at a fair price and enjoy a multi-day adventure in the Ionian Sea.

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Catamaran in Saranda

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Saranda is a dream-like destination, located at the southern tip of Albania. With over 300 days of sun, pristine beaches, and mesmerizing historical sites, it is no surprise that Saranda will keep any tourist occupied in the Albanian Riviera. Before you begin your boat trip in Saranda, there are numerous monuments you can visit. The Lekuresi Castle was built by the Ottomans in 1537 in order to control the straits of Corfu. It offers amazing views of the valley and the Ksamil islands. You can walk to the castle from the Saranda center and take pictures of the scenery during the sunset. Another castle worth visiting is the Ali Pasha Castle, close to the site of Butrint. It is surrounded by water, in a beautiful and peaceful setting.  

There is a vast number of consecutive beaches you can explore by sailing to Southern Albania. The first on the list is Kakome Beach, one of the most stunning beaches in the entire country. The bay is about 400 meters wide and is covered by wild greenery.

With beaches appearing one after the other in the Albanian Riviera, you can absorb the magical scenery on a luxury catamaran. The Beach of Mirrors and Seagull’s Beach are excellent choices too, surrounded by small cliffs in a fairly intimate climate. Your sailing and catamaran cruises in Saranda may also be combined with a tour to the Ksamil Islands. On your way there, you will come across Rrojdhe Beach, a common stop for sailors seeking shelter. Upon arrival to Ksamil, you will explore serene islands and sandy beaches. This is also a tropical paradise for diving and snorkeling, with plenty of small beaches, bays, and intimate capes.

You can extend your sailing journey and enjoy a catamaran excursion to Corfu from Saranda. Starting from Corfu, you can make stops at Igoumenitsa or Sivota. You may also plan a week charter and explore the Paxi islands (opposite Corfu), or Lefkada, located in the heart of the Ionian Sea. Guests also have the option to make a stop at Vlore, the second seaport of Albania. Vlore consists of shores bathed by both the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas.

Below you will find some useful information related to your catamaran rentals in Saranda.

Port of Saranda: The main harbor of Saranda is situated in Southern Albania. It operates as a ferry terminal and marina for day-trippers to the Albanian Riviera. Saranda sits in a wide bay and is fringed with beaches along the coast. There are roughly 81 berths and the best facilities are offered for visiting yachts.

Vlora Port: It’s about 5 km from the center of Vlora. It is a seaport and offers many vessels for day charters to the golden sand bays of Vlora.

Starting from Corfu harbor, you will find regular ferry services to Saranda/Sarandë. Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport of Corfu is 2.2 km south of Corfu town.

Driving from Ioannina Airport to Saranda/Sarandë should take 2 hours (the road distance is 98.6 km). 

An alternative is to take the bus and ferry (the trip should take approximately 6 hours).