Thessaloniki, Greece

Rent a Catamaran in Thessaloniki, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a Catamaran in Thessaloniki, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a catamaran in Thessaloniki is an excellent chance for you to visit its magnificent coastline, the multiple beaches of Kassandra, and get a chance to admire its famous landmarks from a completely different perspective. You can enjoy sailing gently, away from all the crowds and traffic, and dock your boat in the various beaches and bays of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki offers multiple marinas where you can find the ideal yacht of your choice. For the ideal vessel, you can directly contact the owners, or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of available options:

You can book and hire a catamaran with a skipper, or book a bareboat charter, and enjoy a one-day cruise to Halkidiki. A catamaran offers plenty of space for you to throw a party or celebrate a wedding anniversary. You can also enjoy a sunset cruise or a half-day adventure with a fantastic meal on board. Finally, you can hire a luxury catamaran at a fair price and plan a longer trip to the Sporades islands or the northern Aegean islands, closer to Turkey. 

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Catamaran in Thessaloniki

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 Thessaloniki is the second-largest city of Greece. It is located on the northern side of Greece, at the Thermaic Gulf, bounded by Chalkidiki to the east and Kassandra to the south. Thessaloniki is often referred to as the “Nymph of the Thermaikos'' from when King Cassander of Macedonia named the city, in honor of his wife--who also happened to be Alexander the Great’s half-sister. During the Roman and Byzantine eras, Thessaloniki also became the second wealthiest city, with a prosperous commercial hub. Till the present day, the major port is equally important to many Greeks and Balkans. The white tower of Thessaloniki, Arch of Galerius, and Aristotelous square--that marks the center of the city--are all historical landmarks that attract thousands of visitors every year. The fact that they are close to the sea means you can explore these multiple sights from afar, whilst getting to cruise into the waters of the Aegean Sea.

 A catamaran adventure in Thessaloniki gives you the flexible option to enjoy the famous seafront at the Thermaic Gulf or enjoy a relaxing day in the Toroneos Gulf. The Toroneos Gulf consists of Kassandra, Pefkohori, and Sithonia, which are all part of the peninsula of Halkidiki. You can spend multiple days with a motor yacht at the lovely bays of the gulf, making stops to each destination you please. For a half-day cruise in Thessaloniki, you can sail to the Neoi Epivates area for lunch or stop for a great swim at the lovely beach of Agia Triada. If you want to extend your cruise, you have the opportunity to head along the beaches of the western side of Kassandra, which include Elani, Possidi, and Siviri beach; they are all ideal for families and children. Your skipper can handle the ropes and either head to Pefkohori or directly to Porto Koufo for an overnight stay--the choice is completely yours. Pefkohori is the most popular tourist resort in Kassandra, where you can enjoy lunch and vivid nightlife; one of its popular beaches is Golden Beach, where you can swim in crystal-clear waters. Other great beaches include both Glarokavos and Lemos beach. Their calm waters make it ideal for boats.

 Your catamaran cruise in Thessaloniki can be combined with a visit to Halkidiki. Do not miss the great and uninhabited island of Kelyfos, also known as “Turtle island”. The island is popular for swimming and snorkeling. You can even head to Neos Marmaras port; you can reward yourself with the food and shopping opportunities it provides. For a two-day or three-day charter experience from Thessaloniki, head to Porto Koufo and the various beaches along the coast of Sithonia. Porto Koufo is a deep fishing harbor that provided anchorage for Toronian shops; nowadays it is regarded as one of the safest ports in Northern Greece. You have the option to dock your yacht and eat at the many taverns and restaurants. Every September you can also take part in the “Tuna Festival”, hosted at Porto Koufo.

 For a 4-day or 5-day catamaran charter in Thessaloniki, you can enjoy the areas that are entirely part of Halkidiki or cruise to the Sporades islands, on the north-western side of the Aegean. In Halkidiki, Ammouliani is located 120km from Thessaloniki, containing a complex of little islands known as Drenia. Many charterers offer boat trips from Halkidiki toward this destination, since it is the idyllic combination of sea, golden sand, vegetation, and giant rocks that will ensure you will have some quality time, away from all the crowds. Alternatively, heading toward the Sporades, you will come across Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros, which have retained their authentic beauty for centuries.

 If you want to explore new extravagant destinations in Northern Greece for a week or more, you can customize your island-hopping itinerary and head to Limnos, Samothrace (Samothraki), and Thasos, which are further away. Thasos is one of the greenest islands in Greece, with many paradisiacal beaches. Limnos is famous for its wines and is a top-sailing destination because of its excellent wind conditions. You may want to check the weather forecast if you are to head to Samothrace due to its particularly strong winds, the beaches and bays are very limited but, if you are an advanced sailor, you may enjoy a slow route in the open deep sea with a catamaran.

Marinas and various anchorages for your catamaran charter in Thessaloniki:

Aretsou Marina, Thessaloniki: It has a berthing capacity for 242 cruise boats and yachts of up to 30m. The marina has friendly staff and is open all year round, providing various facilities and services.

YAC Kalamarias marina: It is located within the picturesque harbor of Kalamaria and offers a lot of diving opportunities

Sani Marina, Kassandra: It hosts 215 individual berths for yachts up to 33m in length. Offers a beautiful setting area with lovely beaches and is a great access point to the Sporades islands.
Porto Koufo: A fishing port that allows mooring for several boats and yachts; it includes bareboat options for those who want to self-drive in Sithonia. Has outstanding sceneries, beaches, and even a diving center for scuba diving fans.

Neos Marmaras: Offers bareboat and crewed yacht rentals and allows space for 10 yachts and even 4-cabined vessels. A great port for heading to Kelyfos island among various other beaches and bays.

Marina Kavala: Has a berthing capacity for 80 yachts and offers excellent protection from the winds. All types of boats depart or dock here and head to Thassos or Halkidiki.

Airport of Thessaloniki: It’s the second biggest airport in Greece; 14km from the city center and serves around 3.5 million passengers a year.

Thessaloniki connects with the three islands of the Sporades’ group only during the summer months.

During the summer, ferries depart 2 or 3 times a week from the port of Thessaloniki to the islands of Mykonos, Naxos, Syros, and other Cyclades islands.

Thessaloniki has a wide bus network, connecting the city with major cities and towns in Northern Greece, including Kavala and Igoumenitsa.