Chania, Greece

Rent a boat in Chania, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a boat in Chania, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a boat in Chania is the ideal way to explore the hidden beauty of Crete. Away from the town’s bustling center, a boat trip in Chania will allow you to take a refreshing break. Chania is situated on the western side of Crete and has a picturesque port where you can easily find the ideal catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht, or speedboat of your choice. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels for the ideal boat or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without if you own a license, and enjoy a one-day or two-day cruise to Rethymno or Heraklion. You also have the option to rent a motorboat, their fast cruising speed will allow you to tour various beaches around the Gulf of Kissamos in a short amount of time. If you book a catamaran, you will be able to throw a birthday party or celebrate a wedding anniversary in the famous lagoon of Balos. Finally, you can hire a luxury yacht or sailboat at a fair price and enjoy a longer adventure to Santorini or Kythira.

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Boats in Chania

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Chania is a picturesque and cosmopolitan destination located on the northwest side of Crete. If you are seeking an all-year-round destination with open skies and long sandy beaches for your holidays, Chania offers exactly that. Besides being blessed with verdant landscapes and crystal clear waters, the town of Chania is a great base to explore the island’s past and culture. A compelling mix of Venetian and Ottoman architecture stands out and remains untouched by modern elements. The Venetian Harbor, the lighthouse, the Mosque of Janissaries, the Neoria (old shipyards), and the Maritime Museum are some sights you can visit which evoke this medieval magnificence. The Municipal Market and the Botanic Park are also top highlights in the town of Chania. The market offers some of the finest Cretan eateries and you will encounter hundreds of plants and animals in the Botanical Park. Moreover, the excellent transportation system will allow you to explore the whole prefecture and a multitude of villages with ease. Europe’s longest hiking gorge is also found here. Declared as a National Park in 1962, the Gorge of Samaria is home to the wild goats of Crete. You can be part of an unforgettable hiking experience and witness how mountains and the sea join to display nature at its very best. Once you have had your time in and around the sights of Chania, a private boat trip in Crete will offer an extra touch of adventure and create the most memorable experiences with your family and friends.

You can rent a boat in Chania and discover the beautiful beaches off the coast. Chania forms a large circular peninsula that extends to the mountainous village of Agios Ioannis. With a motorboat or speedboat, you will be able to make stops at Plataria, Maleme, and Kolymvari, known for their crystal-clear waters. Agios Ioannis splits the Gulf of Kissamos with that of Chania and some of the most amazing beaches in Crete can be found here. You can also rent a boat from Chania to Balos, an exotic beach known for its pink sand and aquamarine waters. Near Balos, you can admire a lovely sunset in the settlement of Falasarna, also known for a long seashore with turquoise waters. Catamarans are highly recommended if you are visiting the area with an organized group, the shallow waters are suitable for children and a spacious vessel will offer plenty of space for fun. Respectively, this side of Crete does not have developed tourist infrastructure and is perfect for a half-day or one-day cruise away from the crowds.

Boat trips from Chania to Rethymno are also possible. Rethymno is known for its summer nightlife, excellent service, and a huge abundance of entertainment. Guests can also enjoy the local seafood and partake in watersport activities. With a luxury motor yacht, you can also visit Heraklion and the famous beach of Hersonissos, known to attract couples and young people who are seeking active recreation. For a three-day yacht charter in Chania, you can also visit Santorini, part of the Cyclades island chain. If you want to explore the Southern Peloponnese, Kythira is a beautiful island you can visit and will truly make a unique experience with a sailboat. If you are in a great mood and want to forget the everyday dilemmas, do not hesitate to hire a boat in Chania and have a delightful vacation that every tourist dreams of.

Below you will find some useful information for your boat trips in Chania.

Chania Port:  A colorful port and the busiest part of the old town of Chania. The port also has a marina in the eastern basin that hosts small boats. Vessels are well-protected from the winds and have access to water and electricity.

Chania Port is roughly 11 km away from the International airport of the city (roughly a 30-min drive). The airport is a 20-min drive to the city center.

Chania is connected by ferry to Piraeus in Athens.

Chania is also connected by ferry with all the cities of Crete from the port of Souda.