Ikaria, Greece

Rent a boat in Ikaria, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a boat in Ikaria, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a boat is the ideal way to explore the Ikarian coastline, spanning at a length of 160km. Ikaria is the largest island in the Aegean Sea with a Mediterranean climate, guests are welcome to enjoy a private boat cruise and enjoy a fun-filled day of adventure. Ikaria has several marinas where you can find the ideal catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht or speedboat of your choice. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions.

You have plenty of options:

You can book and hire a sailboat or speedboat with a skipper, or without if you own a license, and enjoy a one-day cruise to Fourni islands. With the option to rent a motorboat you can tour various beaches along the coastline with ease, comfort and luxury. You can also charter a catamaran or sailboat, they offer great stability and are less fuel-efficient, allowing you to enjoy multi-day adventures in the Aegean Sea with safety and at a great price.

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Boats in Ikaria

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Ikaria is located East of Mykonos and West of Samos and is also close to the neighboring Fourni islands on the south coast, a sailing paradise in the Aegean Sea. Ikaria is generally associated with abundance. Characterized by rich vegetation and biodiversity, running waters from an extensive river network, mountains with well-marked paths and strong winds throughout the year. There is also a hot spring in the village of Xylosirtis, from early legends and myths the locals named it ‘immortal water’ for its fantastic healing properties. There are about 2,000 local inhabitants and the island feels even more alive with their enduring mentality and stress-free lifestyle. The capital of Ikaria is Agios Kirikos, boat rentals usually depart from here but you can also find beautiful blue and red domed buildings, Folklore museums and even the statue of Icarus. Tourists can also partake in the Ikarian fairs, a typical tradition of entertainment with dancing, good wine and food. In Greek mythology Ikaria is the birthplace of Dionysus, god of wine and the summertime festivals that take place today are accompanied with local red wine, a recipe for longevity. After the Ikarians have shown you their distinctive way of living, it is time for you to create your own worth-telling story and of course hiring a boat is the perfect opportunity to do so.

A boat trip from Ikaria to Fourni islands offers an excellent opportunity for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. Departing from Agios Kirikos which is also the capital of the island, you will have a choice of different beaches and coves situated between Samos, Ikaria and Patmos. The sea channel created by the Fournoi complex is about 18km wide and is a cluster of rocky formations that is best explored by a sailboat or catamaran. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, just half an hour away from Ikaria you can enjoy the perfect day trip. The Fourni (or Fournoi) islands are also completely remote; known for the fresh and affordable seafood and the beautiful array of mulberry trees that line up the coastline. In fact, they provide an important fishing centre in the Aegean Sea with Chryssomilia creating the perfect boat haven. Be sure to visit Petrokopi beach which has crystal clear waters as well as Psili Ammos, Vlychada and Vitsilia which all have ideal mooring spots for motor yachts and any sailing vessels. Some other beaches you can add to your boat tours in Ikaria are Seychelles, Livadi, Faros and Therma. Seychelles hosts parties during summer and creates an exotic beauty with turquoise waters and steep cliffs. Livadi is situated in the settlement of Armenistis which recently has grown to become a tourist hotspot. It is probably the only picturesque bay with plenty of lodgings, a marketplace by the seaside village and calm waters with all the amenities you would need to swim and sunbathe.

Near Armenistis you could take the chance to hike in the mountainous region of Rashes consisting of a number of hamlets, or continue to Livadi, one of the most popular beaches with windsurfing and diving options. Finally, Faros is 11km from Agios kirykos, the largest beach where you can try the local Ikarian dishes by the seaside. The thermal baths are also worth a visit since they consist of small lakes where you can dip and kick- start your day.

Hiring a boat with a skipper may be ideal in Ikaria since the winds can get quite strong, the shores are generally narrow and there are only a few notable bays where you can drop anchor. For the most seasoned sailor, bareboat trips are also available, the BednBlue platform offers many vessels for those who want to go for an excursion to the Fourni islands. Keep in mind when the north wind blows the Northern beaches are almost unreachable. If you have decided to visit Mykonos which provides a great base for island hopping in Greece, you can make stops to Ikaria. You can sail to Samos which also offers an alternative embarkation point for your yacht charter. Finally, the opportunity to rent a boat will allow you to adapt to the rhythms of Ikaria, a memory that will be hoarded in your heart forever.

Below you will find some useful information for your boating holiday in Ikaria.

Agios Kirikos Marina: The main marina of the island just a few km away from the center where you can find most restaurants. The marina has accommodation for small, large vessels and even fishing boats. There are also daily ferries cometing to and from Samos and Piraeus.

Agios Kirikos Marina is roughly 12km away from the Airport of Ikaria.

Karavostamo Marina: A northern seaside marina protected from the north and north-west winds. The marina is protected by natural rocks and is near a village surrounded by vegetation with a few water mills still used by the locals. The village is known for its production of charcoal.

Evdilos Port: Serves the north side of the island and has a marina which serves small fishing and recreational boats to larger vessels including sailboats and ships.

The Airport is roughly 35km away from Evdilos Port.

The Airport of Ikaria serves daily domestic flights to and from Athens and Thessaloniki. During the summer months you can fly from Lemnos or Crete (Heraklion) to Iraklia too.

The Airport is 12km away, near the village of Faro.

If you are visiting Mykonos or any of the Cycladic islands such as Naxos or Paros, the islands have airports and you can begin your sailing adventure from any of their top marinas. Samos and Patmos are also good starting points before you circumnavigate the island of Ikaria.