Skopelos, Greece

Rent a Yacht in Skopelos, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a Yacht in Skopelos, Greece in a few minutes!


Hiring a yacht is the ideal way to explore the hidden beauties of Skopelos. Skopelos is one of the greenest Greek islands. It’s located east of Skiathos, and is part of the Sporades complex. There are countless beaches on this island, natural beauties, as well as historical attractions that can be visited by a private cruise. Skopelos has four well-organized marinas, where you can easily find the ideal yacht of your choice. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions. 

You have plenty of options: 

You can book and hire a yacht with a skipper--or without one, if you have a license--and enjoy a one-day cruise to Alonissos. Skopelos has a coastline over 60 miles long. You can rent a motorboat and tour various beaches with ease, comfort, and luxury. Finally, you can hire a luxury yacht and go island-hopping at the Sporades, for as many days as you wish.

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Yacht in Skopelos

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 Skopelos is located north of Euboea and east of the Pelion peninsula, taking pride in its fertile land that is almost 70% covered by pine forests. The ecological abundance of the island attracts many visitors yearly who want to experience a momentous transformation of peace and tranquility. Even the remote corners of the island have olive trees, almond orchards, endless pine trees, and the mountains always create an idyllic backdrop, while you are sailing in its picturesque gulfs.  

 Apart from the extraordinary natural beauty, Skopelos offers a wealth of attractions that impress every visitor. Some points of interest include the Monastery of St. John, the Monastery of Evangelistria on the hillside of Palouki, and the carved tombs in Sendoukia, which can be found above Agios Efstathios Monastery on Mount Karia. In the region of Sendoukia, there are pirate graves. Legends claim pirates hid their treasure chests in these tombs, during the period the Venetians ruled the island, following the decline of the Byzantine fleet. The capital of the island, Hora sits around a medieval castle and has cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, and a beautiful combination of Venetian and Neoclassical architecture. Skopelos is slightly larger than Mykonos and Santorini and offers plenty of sights for the most discerning of travelers. With a yacht charter in Skopelos, you can pick from 10 beautiful beaches and explore hidden coves and bays as you go. 

 Some of the best beaches to include in your yacht tours in Skopelos, are Kastani Beach, Panormos, Glyfoneri, Stafylos, Lolia, and Armenopetra. Glyfoneri and Armenopetra are less touristy beaches, providing a great opportunity to arrange an intimate gathering onboard a luxury yacht. Just 4 km from Chora you can visit the beach of Velanio, suitable for couples who want to spend some stress-free time together. Just 1 km away from Velanio, the beautiful beach of Stafylos will award guests with a cocktail by the bar, right after you anchor your yacht by the shade formed by the high cliffs and pine trees. For those who want to encounter the magical landscape of Amarandos, where the movie Mamma Mia was shot, the natural swimming pool between the carved rocks is a perfect choice for your day trip in Skopelos. 

 If you hire a yacht in Skopelos you can enjoy a two-day or three-day cruise to Euboea or the remaining Sporades islands--the choice is completely yours. Euboea is the second largest island in Greece, and many boat rentals and ferries pay a visit to Skopelos and moor in Agnondas Harbor. If you have decided to depart from Chora, you will have a chance to circumnavigate the Marine Park of Alonissos. By having a skipper, you can tour the park with safety. That creates a very family-friendly environment where you can spot several monk seals in one of the most protected environments in Europe. During your stay in Alonissos, you can walk at Patitiri in the main town, visit Kyra Panagia monastery, and the main beaches that form a great bay.  

 Skopelos has many traditional Greek restaurants and stores, exhibiting folk art in various picturesque settlements. Apart from Chora, you can visit Palio Klima, Elios, and Glossa, where you can taste dishes (such as cheese pie, blackfish casserole with onions accompanied by wine) and return home with locally produced honey, hand-made ceramics, and all sorts of jewelry and clothes. The rich tradition of products is supported by the women of Glossa who are known to associate themselves with the main cuisine of the island. The village of Glossa also hosts a wine festival every September, where you can partake in a free wine and dancing event. If you like, you can catch the panoramic view of the Aegean Sea from the hilltop of Glossa. The locals are proud of their fruitful land and the sustainable longevity of the island as well as of off-the-coast places, only a privileged few will ever get to see. Rent a yacht in Skopelos and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Greece. 

Below you will find some useful information regarding your yacht charter in Skopelos. 


Marina Skopelos: It’s in the main capital of Chora and offers berths for all types of boats. Ferry routes from this marina are connected to the marina of Skiathos, Alonissos, Volos, and Thessaloniki. 

Marina Agnondas: Situated on the north side of the island and is 8 km away from the main town of Skopelos. 

Marina Loutraki: A well-equipped marina on the northwest side of the island and by the village of Glossa. Accommodates all types of yachts with an adequate supply of water, fuel, and food. The marina is connected with the Port of Skiathos. 

Marina Neo Klima: A seaside village on the northwest side of the island, about 18 km away from the main town of Skopelos. From here you can visit the beaches of Hovolo and Karkatzouna.