Halkidiki, Greece

Rent a Yacht in Halkidiki, Greece in a few minutes!

Rent a Yacht in Halkidiki, Greece in a few minutes!


Renting a yacht is the ideal way to explore the hidden beauties of Halkidiki. Halkidiki is situated at the edge of Central Macedonia, with three protruding peninsulas of fascinating beauty. The three peninsulas are Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos, each offering daily cruises with a private boat. You can easily find the ideal yacht from any of the five organized harbors or marinas in Halkidiki. You can directly contact the owners of the vessels for the ideal yacht, or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions. 

You have plenty of options: 

You can book and hire a yacht with a skipper--or without one, if you have a license--and explore Kassandra and Sithonia. You can also rent a motor yacht and tour various beaches around Halkidiki in a short amount of time, like Kavourotrypes beach in Sarti or the Blue lagoon in Vourvorou. Finally, you can hire a luxury yacht for a week to explore further destinations such as Thasos, Lemnos, Samothraki or Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos.

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Yacht in Halkidiki

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 Halkidiki is located near the city of Thessaloniki and belongs to Central Macedonia. It consists of three elongated peninsulas that look like "fingers", Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos. Halkidiki stretches across idyllic coasts, majestic mountains, fragrant forests, and rocky forests. From the cool and clean mountain air of Mount Itamos to the warm waters of Sithonia and Kassandra, visitors will greet Halkidiki with excitement. 

 Every year, nature lovers, artists, photographers, and sailing enthusiasts arrive at Halkidiki for the perfect summer holiday. Forests, trails, hidden caves, secluded beaches, and many cultural and historical sights await being explored. The most popular places of interest in Halkidiki that are definitely worth visiting are Toroni Beach, the Central Square of Afitos, the Byzantine Tower of Ouranoupolis, Ancient Stagira, the Holy Church of Agios Dimitrios, the Holy Church of Agios Georgios, the Temple of Poseidon, and the Marina of Sani. There are, of course, several other worthwhile options to explore during your stay. Once you have toured Halkidiki and its mountainous regions by foot, it is time for you to head to your yacht and navigate the Aegean Sea, away from the crowds. 

 A very good departure option for your yacht charter in Halkidiki is the Marina of Nikitis. From here you can tour the coast and moor your vessel in Karras port. While on your way there, you can stop by Kalogria beach, Lagomandra beach, or Neos Marmaras beach. Alternatively, From Sani Marina, you can reach the beach of Posidi, a place with a unique natural landscape and fine golden sand. There are numerous beaches in Halkidiki that can be explored with a motor yacht rental. Some examples include Hrousso beach, Kavourotrypes, Posidi, Karidi beach, Kriaritsi, Kallikratia, Alykes, Gerakini, Trani Ammouda, and Konitsa. You can also tour Halkidiki with a yacht from the Port of Nea Kallikratia. This will allow you to explore the western part of Kassandra. If you want a more active cruise in Halkidiki, Vourvourou is an ideal destination. Here you will find numerous diving, watersports, and kitesurfing activities. 

 An excellent suggestion is to enjoy a day trip from Halkidiki to Ammouliani. This is a unique island with breathtaking bays and beaches. The beauty of renting a yacht in Halkidiki is that you can moor your vessel wherever you please. You can spend a night in Porto Koufo, for example, known for its prestigious marina and world-class restaurants, with authentic dishes produced by locals. 

 Halkidiki has about 6.500 beekeepers. Roughly, a third of Greece’s annual production of honey is from here. There are well-known jams and spoon sweets prepared by local women who use honey, among some delicious fruits. Thanks to its climate and ground morphology, Halkidiki produces excellent olive oil and quality olives. Many of the inhabitants of Halkidiki produce their own tsipouro, mainly for their personal use, but a large fraction of it is exported. Ouzo is produced by pressing grapes through a distillery; Chios’ mastic, carob, and figs are frequently added. Maintaining their old traditions, farmers and cheese-makers of Halkidiki produce significant portions of goat cheese. Due to its high nutrient content, it is essential for a proper and healthy diet and is often consumed by the locals. Overall, the inhabitants of the area are well respected in Greece for both their hospitality and diligent effort to maintain the area's traditions and culture. With a yacht rental trip in Halkidiki, you can take in a one-of-a-kind vacation. 

Below you will find some useful information for your yacht hire in Halkidiki. 

On the Kassandra Peninsula:

Sani Marina, located 72 km from Thessaloniki airport; has berthing facilities for 215 separate berths for boats up to 33 meters. Guests can be supplied with fuel, food, and water.

Miraggio Marina, 109 km from Thessaloniki Airport; located in the southern part of the peninsula. It has mooring facilities for several yachts of various sizes, and visitors can be supplied with fuel, food, and water.

Hroso Marina, located in the southern part of the island and 103 km from Thessaloniki Airport. The marina has berthing facilities for some small-sized yachts.

Port of Nea Fokea,  68km from Thessaloniki airport; the port of Paphos is located on the south-western part of the island, capable of accommodating sailing boats, catamarans, and speedboats.

Some additional anchorages are: Port of Agios Nikolaos, Natural Harbour Loutra Agia Paraskevi, Natural Marina Glarokavos, and Agios Nikolaos Bay.

Sithonia Peninsula:

Nikiti Marina, located 87km from Thessaloniki airport, has docking facilities for about 100 yachts and is able to accommodate any kind of yacht. Guests can be supplied with fuel, food, and water.

Lagonissi Marina, located 96km from Thessaloniki Airport; it is situated in the south-eastern part of the peninsula and has berthing facilities for over 100 yachts of various sizes. Visitors can be supplied with fuel, food, and water.

Neos Marmaras Port,110km from Thessaloniki Airport. This port is located on the western side of the peninsula, capable of accommodating all types of yachts.

Port Karras, located 111 km from Thessaloniki airport; has berthing facilities for 150 yachts and is capable of accommodating various sizes of boats. Guests can be supplied with fuel, food, and water.

Some additional anchorages include: Nea Skioni Port, Porto Koufo, Achlada harbor, Ormos Panagias, and Port Pyrgadikia. 

Athos Peninsula:

Port of Ierissos, located 103 km from Thessaloniki Airport; is located in the northern part of the peninsula and has docking facilities for over 100 yachts of various sizes. Visitors can be supplied with fuel, food, and water.